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Za & Klo Pelaez (Colombia)

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Format: 300g, whole beans

Origin: Neira, Caldas, Colombia

Producers: Rodrigo Pelaez & family

Farm: Laderas del Tapias

Roast: light roast

Notes: dried strawberry, blackberry, whipped cream

Process: natural

Varieties: Caturra

Altitude: 1900m

Our natural Colombian is not only a burst of strawberry but a partnership with Campano coffee that imports their beans from Laderas del Tapias farm.

Their buisness model is based on the idea of giving back farmers 60 to 78% on the price paid by the roaster.

Do you remember Kellogs cereal with dried strawberries in it from your childhood? Well, our Rodrigo will bring you right back to thoses memories in a flash!

It drinks very well as a pourover, latte or cortados... and with summer coming, makes delicious affogatos ;)


  • Ratio: 16 g of coffee for 250 ml
  • Temperature : 206 F

Za & Klo is a women's owned company that roasts micro batch coffee in Canadian Roasting Society in Montreal. The name comes from the two roasters and owners: Elizabeth (Za) and Chloè (Klo).