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Za & Klo Funny Klo

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Format: 300g, whole beans

Origin: Nova Resende, Brazil - Las Rosas, Colombia

Roast: light roast

Notes: praline, orange peel, gingerbread

Process: honey process / washed

The basis for this blend is our Colombian Las Rosas, to which we added Brazil Honey. A sip of Funny Klo will make you feel like you can indulge in dessert at anytime of the day: it’s never too early for its creamy texture and sweet taste, with an aroma of praline nuts. The perfect choice for lattes or cortados.

With the lowest acidity level of all of our espressos, Funny Klo will bring you the highest level of comfort.


  • Ratio: 16 g of coffee for 250ml
  • Temperature: 200 F

Recommendations for an espresso:

  • Grams of grounded coffee: 18.5 g
  • Amount of coffee per cup: 37g
  • Extraction time: 30 seconds

Za & Klo is a women's owned company that roasts micro batch coffee in Canadian Roasting Society in Montreal. The name comes from the two roasters and owners: Elizabeth (Za) and Chloè (Klo).