About Us

Our journey in coffee started in 2017, when our founder Simon Massaglia created Micro Espresso - an office coffee solutions company based in Montreal. Micro Espresso’s mission was to bring the true coffee shop experience to Montreal’s workplaces by supplying their corporate kitchens with fresh locally roasted coffee and the best coffee equipment on the market.

It soon became clear that our coffee is greatly appreciated by many, with our customers sharing that they love their office coffee so much that they wish they could enjoy it at home as well. And this is how The Coffee Shop was born - with a mission to make fresh locally roasted coffee easily accessible for every home in Canada.

We wanted to please every coffee lover out there so we were excited to complete our selection with premium Italian espresso blends, delicious micro-batched teas (hand-blended and packed in Toronto), our favorite coffee gear and more. Every product we showcase in our store is carefully selected to make sure you’re always happy with what’s in your cup.