Za & Klo Dangura (Ethiopia)

Za & Klo Dangura (Ethiopia)

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Format: 340g, whole beans

Origin: Aleta Wendo, Ethiopia

Roast: light roast

Notes: pear, jasmine, nectarine

Process: washed

Varieties: Heirloom

Altitude: 1800 - 1950 m

Dangura is a washing station located near the city of Aleta Wondo, in the Sidamo region, at the border of the Yirgacheffe region.

Several small producers from the area send their crops from ancestral botanical varieties to Dangura.

Our Dangura coffee is delicate and floral and has low acidity levels and no bitterness. You will be able to recognize the smoothness of a pear and a jasmine aroma, which is unique. The beans are lightly roasted in order to highlight the amazing work of the producers.


  • Ratio: 16 g of coffee for 250 ml
  • Temperature : 206 F

Za & Klo is a women's owned company that roasts micro batch coffee in Canadian Roasting Society in Montreal. The name comes from the two roasters and owners: Elizabeth (Za) and Chloè (Klo).